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Koelsch Communities Brings Teepa Snow to Edmonds, WA

Edmonds, WA (October 27, 2017) – On October 24, 2017, over 500 people joined together to engage in a community-wide training seminar on supporting people with dementia at the Edmonds Center of the Arts. The event featured guest speaker Teepa Snow, a nationally recognized expert in the field of dementia care. It wassupported by a coalition of nine local and national healthcare organizations and led by Koelsch Communities’ Cedar Creek, Jefferson House and Madison House Memory Care Communities. The joint effort paid off with attendance from over 175 family caregivers, over 200 professionals, and around 150 additional attendees, each excited to hear Teepa speak.

Cindy Weber, Director of Community Relations for Cedar Creek, commented, “Often these events are attended primarily by professionals. So, we were surprised that over 175 family caregivers participated in Teepa’s all-day training.” With a turnout like that, it was immediately clear there was a need for dementia care support and training in both North King and Snohomish Counties. The day was filled with upbeat spirits and laughter as Teepa incorporated a philosophy reflective of her education, work experience, available medical research, and first-hand caregiving interactions, into her engaging teaching style. Cedar Creek is responding to this visible need by pairing with local organizations to create and support programs that will serve our community with the unique needs of memory loss and dementia.

As a speaker, Teepa has received numerous accolades and accomplishments and been made instructor to over 60 international organizations because of her uncanny ability to present a very emotional topic in a natural, educational, and easy-to-digest format.

Benjamin Surmi, Social Gerontologist with Koelsch Communities and a primary event coordinator, commented, “Teepa Snow’s spirited and highly practical demonstrations of easy-to-use tools sparked an incredible amount of interest.” Along with serving as an educational seminar, the event was also designed to act as an access point for a wealth of future informational classes, support groups, and seminars made available by the healthcare organizers. Benjamin Surmi went on to say, “After the event, we received over 50 specific education requests from professionals and family caregivers.”

Allison Anderson, Executive Director of Cedar Creek, added, “The interest in further education was almost overwhelming. We have been asked to help over 20 families create a well-being plan for their loved one. And, 40 families asked us to help them create a personalized playlist on iPods to support a person they care about. Plus, 35 families wanted to know about the support group we host.”

This seems to be the birth of what is growing to be an expansive network of dementia-focused education in North King and Snohomish Counties. Cedar Creek plans to host several follow-up training sessions, along with other, further encompassing events.

Nan Fullmer, the other Director of Community Relations for Cedar Creek, also plans to follow-up on the requests for more education. She comments, “We are hosting a fascinating presentation on HyperBaric medicine for dementia by Dr. Dan Morlan as our next event.”

Lisa Klich, Active Living Director for Cedar Creek, will lead a complimentary, weekly retreat focused on various recreational therapies and activities designed specifically for a person with dementia and their caregivers or family members to join and participate. The retreat is held on Fridays from 1-4pm in Edmonds and you can expect music, art, travel, and other engaging activities.” Lisa said, “Many people wanted to know about programs for people with dementia in their community, and this retreat is a direct response.”

To learn more about dementia-focused educational and interactive events at Cedar Creek Memory Care Community in Edmonds, WA, call 425-366-7746, Jefferson House Memory Care Community in Kirkland, WA, call (425) 492-0944, and Madison House Memory Care Community in Kirkland, WA, call 425-243-9985. Or visit for a list of resources in your region.

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