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October Eversound Champion: Karri O’Brien of Canterbury Gardens Memory Care

Each month, we ask senior living community leaders to nominate a staff member who has an unyielding commitment and passion for improving the lives of their community residents each and every day.

This month we’d like to recognize someone who has been described as “a ray of sunshine”. (This person must be nice.) Someone who effortlessly creates meaningful moments with whomever she comes in contact. (And really genuine, too.) That certain someone is Karri O’Brien. (Wow! A true gem.)

Want to know more? Becky Reeves, Director of Resident Services at Canterbury Gardens Memory Care, tells us what makes Karri so special — and why we just had to choose her for our October Eversound Champion.

About Karri O’Brien

A 21-year veteran in the senior living industry, Karri O’Brien committed herself to serving others in the highest value at the ripe-old age of 19. In 1997, Karri started working at Canterbury Gardens as a Resident Assistant. Soon after, she moved to the Activities department and spent 16 years dedicating her time to improving the quality of life for her residents as the Active Living Assistant. As a result of her dedication, her career blossomed, she succeeded, and was then promoted to Active Living Director, the role that she holds currently.

Let’s have a gander at a few things Karri does to make Canterbury a special place for her residents.

  1. As animals have been proven to improve moods and reduce stress among seniors, Karri gladly brings in her pets to interact with her residents. We’re talking dogs, bunnies, goats, ducks, chicks, lambs, puppies. Name an animal. Karri most likely owns it and will bring it in.
  2. Karri inspires residents to use their hands to create art projects, plant and grow gardens, and design memory boxes that express emotions and tell life stories.
  3. Whether you’re a man or a woman, everyone loves to be pampered. Karri helps her seniors feel beautiful by doing their makeup, braiding hair, or tying scarves and ties.
  4. Karri encourages her team to administer Eversound headphones to residents for bus rides, large and small group gatherings, church, games, and movies. Specifically helping residents with dementia and hearing loss, Karri loves how Eversound cuts out background noise and empowers residents to communicate more effectively.

Karri, your coworkers have described you as enthusiastic, cheerful, innovative, theatrical, and vibrant. They say you’re a caring leader, role model, and mentor. How could we not choose you as our October Eversound Champion?! Thanks for everything you do.

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