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Onward and Upward as Koelsch Communities Partners with Pinnacle Quality Insight


[March, 2019] Koelsch Communities, a leader in the senior housing industry, has stepped up in a large way to keep their promise for providing the finest living experiences anywhere. They have partnered with, Pinnacle Quality Insight, who for the last decade has helped communities increase their quality care level for the individual resident. Pinnacle provides an invaluable service that collects the thoughts and feelings of each individual that resides in a Koelsch community.

“ One resident communicated her need for community – she was a quieter resident and felt she was not included in events due to limiting abilities. The staff and I made an effort to find tasks that would accommodate for her strengths. Tasks such as stuffing envelopes has increased this resident’s awareness and overall involvement, improving her happiness and quality of life. Pinnacle gave the resident a voice and Cedarbrook listened.”

– Lisa Poole-Johnson, Executive Director at Cedarbrook Memory Care

Since November 2018 Pinnacle has been gathering individual customer surveys from residents and family members at Koelsch. After a few months of collected data each community has been able to see areas they are excelling in and where there is room for improvement. The results of the first few months of surveying left Koelsch with over half of their 30 communities ranking in the top 15% of senior housing across the nation in a variety of categories, which include Overall Satisfaction, Dining Service, and Response to Problems.

 “ Now that we have begun collecting real time data from Pinnacle, we are able to see how all the communities are doing side by side. This helps us see which areas communities are excelling in and which areas may need some attention. Together we can work with our teams and continue to strengthen our overall performance.”

– Eva Arant, Senior Vice President of Koelsch Communities

 “ Our primary goal is to make our clients better health care providers. We feel lucky to serve people who dedicate their lives to others.” 

Stan Magleby, Founder of Pinnacle Quality Insight