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The Koelsch Family Legacy


The Koelsch Family Legacy

The Koelsch Family’s legacy in senior care began in 1958 in a modest Kelso, WA nursing home. It was here that Koelsch Senior Communities’ founders, Emmett and Alice Koelsch, established the family’s commitment to excellence in senior care.

A Purposeful Leap of Faith

When 1958 rolled around, Emmett worked for Reynolds Metals Co. after serving in the United States Navy during World War II. Alice helped to maintain the family’s rental home and tended to their growing family. It was during this time that the family learned of a nearby nursing home that would soon be vacant and on the market. The family of seven sold much of what they owned to provide a down payment on the $50,000 building. The family was now the owners of the Monticello Hall in Kelso, Washington. It was a small shuttered nursing home with 52 beds—52 empty beds, to be precise. Once the sale was final, Emmett, Alice and their five children moved into the basement of the nursing home.

While Alice focused on many of the inner workings of a successful nursing home, Emmett took on the Monticello Hall’s structural maintenance. Once the nursing home was consistently at capacity, Emmett undertook the task of adding on a new wing to the facility.

Finding Success

With the success of Monticello Hall, the family was able to step further into the intricacies of senior care. Throughout the 1960s and 1970s, the Koelsch family focused on changing the landscape of senior care. During this time, Emmett and Alice built and operated several skilled-nursing homes. Under their direction, each community concentrated on quality and personalized care.

The Family Legacy

As a young man, Aaron Koelsch, only son of Emmett and Alice, also began the evolution of his own legacy in senior care. In 1988, Aaron and his wife Judy made the trek to Southern California, built and operated a successful assisted living community. Instilled with the Koelsch spirit of excellence, Aaron and Judy were personally involved in every aspect of the community—much like Emmett and Alice. They envisioned the architectural design, hired the personnel and even attended to and assisted new residents. Aaron and Judy also believed in the importance of maintaining a family friendly community—similar to his own childhood upbringing. With this in mind, Aaron’s young children were frequent visitors and regularly helped throughout the community.

The Future of Koelsch Senior Communities

Under Aaron and Judy’s guidance, the highest standard of care is continued by following Emmett and Alice’s legacy of outstanding customer service, attention to detail, and overall resident and staff satisfaction. Koelsch family culture is exemplified through their core values and their dedication in providing a caring atmosphere, comfortable lifestyle, and unsurpassed customer service. With over 55 years of experience you can be sure their family will take great care of yours.

24 hour licensed nursing

Licensed nurses provide great peace of mind for their residents and their families. Licensed nurses in the building every hour of the day and night make key decisions in emergency situations and recognize changes in medical conditions. Aaron and Judy Koelsch continue to lead the company under the family’s founding principles. As Aaron often says, “We are ladies and gentlemen serving ladies and gentlemen.”

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