Signature Programs

On-Site Nursing

When you’re looking for an Assisted Living Community for your loved one, we know your top priority is the quality of healthcare they’ll receive. At Solana at The Park, our qualified nurses, both RN and LPN, are available each day and are professionally trained to give Assisted Living residents the care they need. Solana at The Park recognizes the complex and frail health conditions that many residents are experiencing and our number one priority is giving our caring residents, your loved one, the highest level of care and treating them with the utmost professionalism.

Our Licensed Nurses are qualified to:

  • Provide comprehensive nursing assessments
  • Manage individual care plans for residents with memory loss
  • Medication management
  • Have direct contact with physicians and resident medical caregivers
  • Manage respiratory issues and monitor oxygen
  • Recognize changes in physical and cognitive condition
  • Make key decisions in emergency situations
  • Provide Diabetic management including: injections, glucose levels, skin care, nutrition, and podiatrist visits
  • Catheter Care
  • Colostomy Care
  • Complete initial screening for urinary tract infections
  • Manage G-tubes
  • Wound Care including surgical wounds and pressure ulcers
Diabetic management programs at Solana at The Park in Surprise

Diabetic Management

At Solana at The Park we’re committed to helping residents with diabetes live a healthy lifestyle and maintain an enriched life. Our team of professional nurses and staff members are trained in diabetic protocol and are efficient in identifying and responding to diabetic reactions. You can rest assured in knowing that our 24-hour team of licensed nurses can:

  • Effectively monitor the side effects of our diabetic residents’ medications
  • Offer sliding-scale diabetic management
  • Healthy monitoring of glucose levels
  • Provide insulin injections
  • Care for diabetic residents with memory loss and other assisted living needs

Other specialized diabetic management services offered at Solana include:

  • Foot care by Podiatrist/Licensed Nurse every month
  • Massage therapy to help increase circulation
  • Healthy weight management with exercise and nutritional options
  • A variety of diabetic options during meal time
  • Portion control for healthy weight management
  • Automatic water temperature control to safeguard against accidental burns in the sink or tub
  • A variety of exercise programs to promote increased circulation, weight management, balance, increase range of motion, stamina, and strength

1,000 Thanks

We know that our residents and their family love to boast of the exceptional, carefree lifestyle that they experience at Solana at The Park, and we’d like to say thanks. Our 1,000 Thanks Program does just what it says, we love to thank residents who have referred a friend to our community by giving them $1,000.

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Solana at The Park offers a rewards program for residents who refer a friend