Health and Wellness services at The Park at Modesto
Group of senior women at aqua gym session at The Park at Modesto

Health & Wellness

Arranging for a doctor appointment can be a real bother sometimes, insisting you wait for months just for a routine visit! Koelsch Communities solves that problem by providing a bi-monthly medical clinic at The Park. Just a short distance from your home, a licensed nurse will be available to answer questions and help you work towards a healthier lifestyle.


  • Vital signs check-in
  • Medication review
  • Podiatry visit
  • Q&A healthcare topics
  • Diabetic consultation
  • Healthy weight monitoring

The clinic will also offer educational information to help you navigate health changes:

Many times, a good conversation with a professional nurse can help alleviate anxiety over health challenges, help us understand specific symptoms and provide the independence we need to make decisions and remain healthy.

  • Medication lists and how to manage them
  • How to self-monitor your blood pressure
  • Immunizations and keeping up to date with vaccines
  • POLST forms. Why have one? Who should have it? How does it coordinate with my advanced directives?
  • Recognizing cardiac symptoms
  • How to identify and treat diabetes? What are the typical symptoms?
  • Caring for your aging skin
  • Learn how to use medical equipment (blood sugar kits, oxygen concentrators, nebulizers, etc.)
  • Q&A on aging options such as assisted living, memory care or skilled nursing
  • Fall prevention
  • Medical terminology explained
  • Essential oils and herbal supplements
  • Alternative health care practices
  • Top 25 Documents everyone should have